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Posted by EDITOR 15 Dec 2010 - 1:41:00 PM

New gardeners tend to start out with clear prejudices: plants they like and those they hate. With time and experience the contents of each list grow and change. Typically a taste for loads of pretty flowers gives way to an appreciation for the subtleties of foliage form, tone and texture.

My hate list has virtually evaporated. After years in the industry thinking of plants more in terms of what function they can serve, where they can do it, whether they're appropriate, and seeing the diverse and often unexpected tastes of others, I've mostly lost my prejudice and I'd have to admit some passion too for what I just plain like the look of. Work can be a powerful anaesthetic. Even some of those most terrible of weeds have their beauty and a proper place ... somewhere.

But petunias? I still hate petunias. OK 'hate' may be too strong a word but I've never been able to come the petunia. It could have something to do with that icky mix of being furry, floppy and sticky and those lolly pinks and velvet purples. I don't need to justify it. I just don't like them.

Which plants do you hate?

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